Angry Rant about Torrents, password protected RARs & Surveys

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All I’m trying to do is play Sonic & Sega all-stars Racing Transformed, which I downloaded, except I cant extract any of the files from the RAR because it needs a freaking password, and to get the password, you need to download it from a site that puts up an annoying survey. I’ve tried 3 of these torrents and all 3 have password protected RARs with links to survey sites to get the password. WHY THE HELL DID THEY PUT A STUPID PASSWORD ON THE RAR? WHY DON’T THEY INCLUDE THE PASSWORD WITH THE DOWNLOAD? I swear this is turning me Emo, and that sucks because I don’t want to be one of them!

It’s so an f**king noying because I’m so close, all that’s stopping me is that dam password. Do any of you know what the password for the RAR is? Is there a way I can hack into the websites code and get to the password download? Is there a program out there that can open password protected RARs without needing to enter the password? Is there some hack I can to to get the files extracted? If you have this game (for PC) can you send me a working copy? I would download it the legal way, but I don’t trust steam that much, and that’s probably the only way to get it.

As for survey sites … I am NOT falling for that again, I know what happened the last time, those things NEVER work and I am NOT giving away personal details to these sites I don’t even know.

So I tried to find something that will bypass the surveys and get me to the download, but to use it, I need to get ANOTHER password from ANOTHER site that wants me to do ANOTHER SURVEY!


If I ever find out who came up with the idea of internet surveys, I will demand that he removes them all or else I’ll cut open his throat, then put his head on a spike so he can see me kick that crap out of him, next I’ll pour 5 gallons of propane down his neck, and light it on fire and watch him burn!


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