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Leo Playcard Apk Download

Leo Playcard apk is developed by Harsh. This was developed in association with Onhax. This is considered to be an alternative for Freedom and Creehack. This one application helps the user to go through the paid games and use them. This lets them enjoy the nicer games. This one solves all the obstacles to enjoy leisure of paid applications and games. The download of the application can be done on all the android devices. It supports all the versions of android such as marshmallow, android nougat etc.
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How To Remove Payment Method From Google Play Store||Delete Credit card Details-delete payment method from google play-remove credit card from google play store.


This tutorial is about how to remove payment options on google play.

This method is mostly works on android,tablet,bluestacks and the android operating systems are kitkat,lollipop,marshmallow and nougat also.


how to remove credit card details from google play account:

1.Goto your google play store and then click to “settings” icon and goto “Account”.

2.Here you can click to open “Payment methods” and click to “More payment settings”.

3.Now you can open it with google chrome and here you can click to “settings” icon.

4.Then goto “Settings” and, here you can click to “close profile” option.

5.Finally your credit and debit card details are deleted from play store.

6.Using this way you can remove payment methods from your google account.

7.Also you can delete payment history on google play or delete credit card details from google play store.

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World Series Of Poker – Methods to get In-App Purchases For Free – By Installing Free Apps !

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Get free Chips for installing free apps.
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World Series of Poker is a new game by Playtika LTD. Play this game with your poker buddies. This is the best method to get free Chips in this iPhone game by not doing any cheats and hacks. play in multi- level tournament and win to earn WSOP ring.

World Series of Poker – WSOP Texas Holdem Free Casino
By Playtika LTD
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Pyro Flow Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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How to use LuckyPatcher to hack In-app purchases (Android).

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Games this method won’t work for: Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, Vainglory, Nova 3 Freedom, Modern Combat 5, Order and Chaos 2, etc.

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Unlimited FREE In-App Purchases Hack on Android (2017)

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Unlimited FREE In-App Purchases Hack on Android (2017)

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Google playservices Stopped Error-This happens while completing a purchase.Go to Android—Settings—Apps.
Find Playstore and Playservices.Clear Data & Uninstall Updates.
Open Playstore It will automatically update it self.If it doesnot then Manually Install the lastest version of playstore.apk
Then Install Playservices from Playstore.
Reinstall The lastest version of FREEDOM.apk From the link in the description.Problem will be Fixed

No Connection Errors-If you are getting No connection errors then Uninstall Freedom app. Go to Phone settings and Change, In Date&Time settings change the Time zone To GMT+04:00 Moscow(Russia) .Reinstall Freedom from the Above link. It will solve the Issue.

Some Quick Patching Tips–
1.Make sure that your have Internet Enabled.
2.Restart Freedom and the app that you want to crack,Patch and try again.
3.Avoid Updating an App,Unless it is very Important,If freedom is not working on the updated version then Downgrade to the lower version.
4.Purchases Made on the Lower Version of an App are often carried over to the higher version in most of the Apps and Games so purchase on lower version then update to higher versions.

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